Proof that Bitcoin Mining bot in telegram is a huge scam

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Just STOP playing this bot! They just want to steal money from you! They will let you play and invest but doesnt pay at all! As to my time and effort on this bot? It's all been wasted!😬😰😱 Find out why on this video experience!!!

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  • Viral Videos

    I Deposited hoping I can withdraw my bitcoin but haven't received my diamonds.

  • Fabrizio Adjako

    Try this mining bot


  • Xeth Try nyo to, 10,000 coins lang cash out na agad. Mabilis lang makacoins dahil sa laro. Turuan kita ng stategy. Try nyo, wala naman mawawala.

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  • Marjorie Sarmiento

  • amormia belleza

    I invested 0.001 btc and still didnt withdraw my 100000satoshi .. It says i need more keys

  • MrSamarkand

    I bought hashpower ... after I reached 0.001 BIC which min level for withdrawal... But fucking .. it say I should reach 0.003... This HUGE SCAM!!!!!

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  • Doctor Crypto

    Hi,I am extremely pleased with my investments in iCenter. iCenter is the longest running telegram botand they have BTC, ETH, and LTC bots. My favorite is the LTC bot as it's quickest to compound with.You need the telegram app to download these investment bots.BTC Bot: Pays 1.2% daily and min invest is 0.01 Bot: Pays 1.4% daily and min invest is 0.03 Bot pays 1.4% daily and min invest is 0.1 you have questions about the company or are skeptical please read this: company has been going for 10 months and they have a five year plan.If you have any questions please contact me as I have been in crypto a long time and enjoy helping.Thanks,Doc

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  • FaKe off

  • Highness Greg

  • Osama K. Baraja

    i invest 0.001 and it's gone..i contact support no answer for 3 month..don't invest

  • shady king

    it clearly says to deposit or invite someone that will deposit. .

  • Shawnallens abel

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  • darham

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  • Bintang Sofyan

    all my satoshi vanish just in 1 night and start from 0 again, f*cking scam...

  • Arnold Galicia

    I wanna ask im afraid icant withdraw my earned btc in BTCONLINE.IO i have this shit in " Our system has detected 9 btconline V1.0 in your account" what the fuck man i dont have any. Just that one registered to my btconline.What can i do about that one sir?Hope u can help☺🖒Thank you!

  • Apis Y

    thanks for the warning! i wish i saw your video sooner. luckily i didnt invest or deposit in the telegram bitcoin.

  • Elliot ward

    Hello everyone, We are an up and coming mining farm set out to do what genesis couldn't. Deliver a simple and profitable mining platform where investors own their miners and profits are transparent. Please have a look at us and join our telegram.

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    its no more scam paying again....join for more updates about

  • Gerrit Regtop

    Thank You for the warning

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  • Mrs Mary

    made $15,000 from microfamilyhackers,wordpress,com so legit

  • Callum Melia

    theres so many bots out there you just got to get the trusted ones guys

  • david rogers

    microfamilyhackers,wordpress,com gave me a better life,i got $30,000 from their service

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  • Lucifer

    Create your own investment hyip bot on Telegram. I'll guide you simple steps . I have different types of scripts . Contact me on Telegram. Username @iHyipBot or

  • D Z

    I see that you make bitcoin mining cloud and you say Recommend , So not every telegram bitcoin bot is scam ?

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