Jim Acosta responds after heated exchange with Trump

CNN's Jim Acosta responded to an exchange with President Trump during a press conference, in which Trump called reporters "the enemy of the people."

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  • Slayeroffoes

    Let me tell you folks, find you someone who loves you like Jim Acosta loves him some Jim Acosta.

  • Steve C

    Jim Acosta is not a journalist, he is a opinionated activist. He has a closed minded opinion. He is not a journalist trying to get a story. He is a activist who wants to be part of the story. He doesn’t deserve a White House press pass. The corrupt news network needs to send a real journalist in his place.

  • Heath Barrett

    Hahahahaha… Acosta is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE... and he has been treated accordingly. SEE YA

  • Slayeroffoes

    CNNPC - "Orange Drumpf bad"

  • Steve C

    Jim is like the school yard bully who gets put in time out for their actions and then sits and blames little Sally for telling on him.

  • poodle dog

    Fake news cry baby cry baby

  • Michelle Machaka

    Transcript of conference- https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-press-conference-midterm-elections/?utm_source=link&utm_medium=header

  • NPD Girlfriend

    Pray for the day CNN goes under. Get some class and stop the lies

  • Eric G

    CNN has become the news. Further proof they are a garbage network

  • Thomas K

    This piece of shit president thinks he is a dictator. This country is not democratic at all and let Trump have his way this will become a fascist country very fast

  • chad sperry

    Jim Acosta is my hero. I would marry him.

  • quita wita

    Why are white ppl calling pocs racist for calling out racisits???? It doesnt work like that.

  • Holy Hand Grenades

    These pieces of shit have no ethics. Jim's time was up and he wouldn't give up the mic, then used force to keep the woman(who was just trying to do her job) from getting the mic. He's lucky he was even given the time. Good riddance. So glad Trump slammed that ban-hammer on him. Fuck Jim, and fuck CNN.

  • Matt Petermann

    That. Girl should of slap him silly

  • quita wita

    How is this fake news or biased news? They could run a program of just videos of trump with no commentators and he would still look like an incompetent ass.

  • Ogun Gofannon

    Hey CNN and Accusta you worried about you're career etc. But u nvr worried about anyone else's while you classless bottom feeder are rude obnoxious and a shill. Im no fan of Trump but you are unable unwilling to admit you crossed the line. You should have given the Mic to the other reporter but you held on like a fat kid and his ice cream. It was all about you. You too arrogant to admit you're wrong. And CNN shouldn't back a loudmouth like you. Is that what your teaching your kids? To be rude pushy arrogant. How cool it is to disrespect elected officials. Don't gotta like them bit respect the office not the man. You're a face for CNN how cheap they look. You're a shill. You say you want truth yet you can't admit the truth that ur turn was up and u were asked to let go and u wouldn't. And you now think ur the victim? Be a man. Grow a set of balls. Typical bully. Bullies ate always cowatds. I and few hundred have started a ban CNN movement. Sick of the press especially CNN. As Canadians it is sickening to see how you all behave. Do not want my children thinking we approve. Or we sat watching band did nothing. You are worse than trump. Cuz u know better but ur just arrogant to prideful. You continue on your path of behaviours and you will become just like Trump with the conscience hardened and nothing but pride big ego and no self esteem left. Sadly you will teach your kids that its better to be prideful than humble and admit when you're wrong. Maybe if this truly does scare you losing press pass that you may reconsider the direction you are going personally. IDK but is your soul really worth it? Trump will be gone in a couple years and he will always be president with huge influence.plus he older and who knows so Why fight? But you? You still got so many years and look at you know. The court idiot. The court jester. A joke. A reporter that many many jokes are being made about.

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