Nvidia MSI GTX 1060 3GT OC Unboxing

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Nvidia MSI GTX 1060 3GT OC Unboxing
Nvidia MSI GTX 1060 3GT OC Unboxing
  • Nishant Khadye

    Hey man..just wanted to ask u dat. What if my monitor has hdmi 1.4 and this card has hdmi 2.0 so..will it connect to my monitor ???

  • ๖ۣۜ KENNEXS

    Very funny in the end hhhh Congrat dude here's a thumb for U ;) just keep it up Ah Oh yeah did you overclocked the Vram too how much did you got thanks..

  • Mahone

    How much did u pay for it? Its going for 209 on french Amazon atm

  • Nicolas O'Donnel

    can you add me on steam :^)?

  • _Blueey_

    Is an 300watt power supply enough?If not should i get an 450watt or an 500watt supply?

  • Twatical

    I'm crying you're such a legend mate

  • Itsme

    Is this a review? Or just a vid where a guy shows how to unpack??

  • Srijan Gaming

    How much difference would be in the single fan variant of the exact same thing...

  • GamesAbsolute

    Thanks for uploading this I've been looking for this everywhere

  • Bass Avalanche

    "Smells like 1080p, 60 FPS". Lol.

  • Evotech 5

    Nice, congrats Buddy! This will get quite close to my card I guess, so 1080p at it's best. ;)

  • Wynn Nguyen

    get righttt into the news ???


    i am also thinking of buying this particular card ,but i have g4560 and 8 gb 2400 mhz ram ,but still this 1060 with 2 fans is cheapest in my country ,so how much average temperature do u get and also how much on full load like more than 90 % uasge ,and mostly u have 70% fan speed running, do that make it louder or give any better Cooling than auto or 30 % ,please i want ur suggestion , because i am just wana buy this gpu

  • Wizard.

    looks awesome and it looks like a better version of my msi gtx 1050ti one fan

  • Marijus Bražiūnas

    Sveikas,svarstau pirkt sita plokste.Atrodo puikus kainos ir kokybes santykis.Gal galetum link'a numest is kur pirkai?

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