Trump’s Anti-Press Press Conference & Jeff Sessions’s Forced Resignation | The Daily Show

Following the Democrats’ midterm election wins, Trump seizes control of the news cycle by attacking the media in a wild, confrontational press conference, then by firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, leaving the Mueller investigation in danger.

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  • Charles Fleming

    its very sad that we have a president that such an arrogant bully

  • Shekinah Baibe Glory

    What you all don't know is that President Donald Trump was God chosen. Look out for the prophet to the nations in our generation PROPHET ELVIS MBONYE and you will clearly understand why there will be no loss for the American president from

  • Ray elsherif

    no seriously why is he is orange

  • Ditiro Motene

    3:28 they will be blamed 😹

  • Paul Hopper

    FUKK TRAITOR TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tina Christensen

    I will donate to keep it going. Lol

  • N Rico

    Last sentence SCARY 🤢🤢☠️☠️☠️👹😈👽

  • mekka moons

    This guy is highly intuitive and smart and kind of handsome love his commentary right on point I'm similar give the scenario give me 2 minutes and I'll tell you exactly what happening!👍👏👏😂

  • mc

    Sorry, if you were a Man( Rachel Maddow) you would know Herpes Destroys Lives and Costs Billions because.....Promiscuity? And Brennan Too?

  • HDPhoenix

    All reporters should just walk away, turn their backs on trump and then say to him. You're disgusting..

  • Eric Callender

    Desperate moves by the Orange Orangutan!

  • Departed Reflections

    god what an asshole "can't understand - bull"

  • booggie995

    to be fair that asian journalist had a heavy accent xD

  • RazielBorn

    He shows time and time again that he did not want to be President. How he behaves is evident that he lacks leadership skills. People remember, only his fuqin name is on the businesses associated with him. He is NOT the driving force of any of it. His holdings come from his father. When will America come out of this stupor? He was given a chance. 2 years worth. Our country is no better.

  • ilbftman

    we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what." lol Sure....

  • SniperLyfe Parry

    What a fucking childish shitt ever by this not my president

  • Mecha Fairy

    Another Nazi ''friend" that going to puss out on the twilter dumbfuck in chief

  • Alankar Joey

    once he is out of office, I want the FBI to go so far into his evil hole that he ends up with lifetime imprisonment

  • ResearcherOne

    Fick Trevor Noah! Liberal slimeball, servant of the establishment. At least John Stewart was funny.

  • ElementalofAir

    All three pre-existing Trevor mentioned are things I or my brothers have

  • Grace De Dieu

    Omarosa's way lol...

  • OlEgSaS32

    Trump is a fucking scumbag, pissing his pants in fear that he will finally have to somehow answer for what he did, and not get away with lying about it, desperately trying to end the investigation about him, while constantly demanding investigations over the pettiest things that are not him

  • Shamheart Aden Gamadid

    Even though trump is trash I appreciate him for the laughs lol

  • Justin Stalbaum

    Ok the ad is not a good idea if we impeach trump then pence is president that's a bad thing at least now nothing will get done

  • Cabdi Shakuur

    IM Insider"the three things serious markerts must to make real money online"

  • Naemi Lukas

    Come on. Trump look like a pig especially.the eye area 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂sorry my mouth

  • WC 'Strawberry' Fields

    Huh. As of Nov 14, I see 53K people with pre-existing mental conditions. How many of you kew-aid sippers actually watched the POTUS press conference?

  • Montesama314

    "Hey, Donald, if you fired me, who'd-""MATT WHITAKER!""...oh..."

  • Eric Spitz

    I can't stand these terrible jokes, just annoying

  • Gary Christ

    I like how you selectively edited out Jim Acosta carrying on like a child that didn't get his way

  • Robert Hecker

    Mt. St. Helen's was the states fault because they didn't drain the volcano

  • Nigel Mutepfa

    Milania: "I waaaant devource" Trump: "I'll get you the horse" 😂🤣😂🤣

  • josegreen1496

    That last sentence by trevor gave me chills 😰

  • France 24h

    Trump’s Anti-Press Press Conference

  • Von Galt

    4:35 - "American" is a nationality. "English" is a language.

  • Toni B Hunter69

    @Trevor Noah KMSL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Morgan Brandy

    ALL the immigrants I know speak more complex English than Trump! Even my friends abroad!

  • Christopher Pardell

    Whitaker moved into sessions’ office...and found a post it note with a URL on it... typing it in took him to the Wikipedia page explaining how Nixon’s attorney general went to prison for obstruction of justice for firing a special prosecutor. Whitaker looked at himself on TV and was struck at how much he looks like the titanic and mueller looks like an iceberg and Trump looks like the captain ordering full steam ahead.So... is Whitaker stupid enough to obstruct Justice just because a fat assed moron tells him to?Worst thing... the House could find that Whitaker’s appointment is illegal, and his ‘orders’ moot... and he could STILL go to jail for obstruction and not even get the pension staked out for being the AG for 2 months.He was stupid enough to take the job... stupid enough to be involved in fraud before this...Screw bi-partisanship... I want the speaker to investigate and demand prosecution of every one of these criminal swamp creatures. I want con men and charlatans to think twice about ever running fo4 public office because exposure means serious criminal time. I want every crook and traitor and sellout to understand that public office is life under a microscope and that malfeasance WILL be punished.Rule of LAW. Not party.

  • J R

    Americans are anti press.Press a subversive, propaganda entity, period

  • beatz boom

    You guys really elected one clown to rule you. Every time I look at him all I see is a spoilt brat with rich parents. Like you guys asked an idiot to be your king. Anyway in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is always the king.


    Pelosi needs to go!!!! Back to the same old do nothing Democrats!!!

  • shure46

    "Let's hear it more for pre-existing medical conditions !!!!! Yay !!!!!!" ...... Yes Nancy , Cancer is fun

  • Bree Harrison

    Did Gen. Kelly use the situation room for this termination too??

  • Montesama314

    "They're the majority, I'm gonna blame them." Uh, yeah, no shit, Trump. This isn't a new strategy, it's all you've been doing for two years.Congrats, you've finally been honest.

  • Iyanuoluwanimi Adebara

    Oh lawd Trump is the typical stupid!

  • youareonthetube1

    Please do yourselves a favor people and acknowledge reality. VOTES HAVE NO IMPACT ON POLITICAL LEGAL OUTCOMES OR POWER AND AUTHORITY. Votes are amethod of allowing the slaves to V E N T. Then they get back to business as usual ... being a slave.It is ALL. A Hegelian Dialectic. YOU mean NOTHING other than labor and fiat.Please do yourselves a favor and know your place in society.

  • Roland Sevilla

    I still can't grasp the fact that this president is such a cretin.

  • Don't Believe Me Just Watch

    This Show is a JOKE. Some wanabe gay black guy. trying to push his fake news on you. This is This show is worse than Saturday Night Live. Look at this Guy. He act like a girl.

  • Dj Axor 254

    Most of you really don't see it he just wants the attention.

  • Robert Garcia

    All the comedy late night shows are not entertaining.David Letterman was the last one I used to watch.Even SNL focuses a lot on politics. ....... I pass.Passing gas is more fun. It's pure and truthful.

  • Marckendy b

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