BBT Livestream21: Building a Ethereum Mining Rig Start to Finish! 6x GTX 1060

BBT Livestream

Open Air Frame

Case (26.5 x 16.5" x 11"):
1/16" x 1" angled aluminum
3/4" x 3.5 pine wood planks
#8x1/2" Self tapping screws

We used these spacers:
Regarding screws (hold MB down) :

4 sections of 26.5" Angled Aluminum
4 sections of 16.5" Angled Aluminum
4 sections of 11" Angled Aluminum

5 sections of 16.5" Pine Wood Planks (base boards for MB/PSU)
1 section of 26.5" Pine Wood Planks (graphic cards holder)

6x EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB -
MSI Z270 SLI Plus -
EVGA Supernova 1000 G3 PSU -
Intel Core i3-6100 -
Crucial Ballistix 8GB DDR4-2666 -
1x by 16x PCI 6pin Risers -

Claymore Eth only
Overclock = Powerlimit : 70; Core : 110; Mem : 550
Result = ~130 MH/s @ 569 Watts

Claymore Eth only 2
Overclock = Powerlimit : 60; Core : 110; Mem : 550
Result = ~130 MH/s @ 465 Watts

Claymore Eth/Decred Dual
Overclock = Powerlimit : 60; Core 110; Mem : 550
Result = ~120 Mh/s (Eth) & ~1200Mh/s (Decred) @ 495 Watts

Add2Psu -

Simplemining setup live tutorial vid -

Simplemining NVidia Build -
DEV WARNING: BETA!!! Overclocking is NOT WORKING NOW! Use at your own risk.

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  • K Harris

    Great content and very helpful. New sub and Thanks for sharing!

  • Tommy Le

    is it ok to buy gtx 1060 3gb now how long can it still mine able?

  • laurenparkerva

    I want to know if I’m the only one. As etherium increases in value, my earning per 24 hours on dwarfpool keep going down. My hash rates are the same. But my amount of coins keeps reducing per 24 hour period.

  • anno nymus

    does anybody else have problems with drivers? do you install windows with all 6 cards in place and plugged in? some cards dont get their drivers installed properly in my build...

  • downpaymentblues44

    do you flash bios or install windows first?

  • pandilucciano

    Did you buy all the connectors? or they come with the equipment??

  • Oz Nicholas

    Hey guys UPCOIN exchange is inviting beta testers giving 500$ towards fees when they open Cryptocurrencies!!!Official Telegram FAQ:

  • Robert Bowles

    Hi i,m in the uk have you tried 1inch aluminum box section with plastic inserts to joun it all together no need for screws

  • laurenparkerva

    I want to give all your viewers some info if they are not aware...I bought more thumb drives and redownloaded a current simple mining OS flash file from I replaced all my thumb drives in every rig and did a reboot. Each rig increased around 45mhs with the updated flash. I do mine ethereum only. Just wanted to let people know this increased dramatically on my rig performances.

  • Nephilim Research

    Thank you for showing us how to create such simple and good rig, thank you. Today I completed mine and spraypainted it black. Just like yours. Thanks to you. For the people on your channel here are the centimeter measurements. Feel free to add it to the description. 4 x 67.50cm Wide, 4 x 42.00cm dept, 4 x 33.00cm hight - Angled Aluminum. Total 4 x 2meters Angled Aluminum. Cheers!

  • AntoineLeMaker

    How many h/s for zcash for one card

  • Allen Ennis

    This is becoming a headache. but after you set up simple mining...where do you go from there? do you have to sign up with dwarfpool, where do i get wallets from, etc. you need a video showing all the way to when you get your profits.

  • William Ferguson II

    That dude helping killing me.   Is he on medication?  You answered my question about running the two 6 pins with one 8 pin...feeding the 2 1060's.


    I want one gpu please .My PayPal

  • Escape3000

    Wow! So what is the setting for my 8 MSI Armor RX570 4gb??

  • K Roy

    Besides printin crypto.... oooooooo

  • Goran Rozić

    i have 12 1060gtx. Have problem rig is stable for 2 days and gives me restart. Is that clock problem or?


    I'm doing a build with 1060 6GB as well and my UBIT Brand risers have SATA, Molex and 6-Pin but due to my power supplies cables I'd like to go straight to SATA. I see in your video although you're using Molex, it's Molex to SATA, so would using SATA be the same? I heard you discussing the new risers with SATA, would that be preferred? I've heard varying debates on power consumption limitations of SATA.

  • laurenparkerva

    Question...I installed 3 different rx 580 cards. One was a 4gb, one was a 8gb and One was a led VR version. They all came in out the box between 22.4 and 24.6 Mhs. So does the gb make a difference on performance in mining?

  • Matt Towery

    So I have windows running using the onboard graphics card. I shut down the computer, install a GTX 1060 with my hdmi plugged directly into it and absolutely nothing happens. Do you have to go in your bios to change what graphics it boots with?

  • Lauren Ennis

    I thought building the rig would be the hard part. Now I realized that the hard part is figuring out how to direct multiple sites and which ones to use just to track everything.

  • Ellis Colston

    Hello guys I've subscribed to the channel but I'm still clueless I am not very tech-savvy but I would like to possibly purchase a rig I don't have the patience to try and go get each piece that's why I was wondering is there a possible way that I could just buy a small rig maybe like a you guys have like a 6 maybe I could do a 4

  • brett birdsall

    would like to hire you as a consultant Pleas call me eastern time anytime Brett 513-549-4093 ( cincinnati Ohio 45150 )

  • Allen Ennis

    can you give me the best wallet site or location for ethereum?


    Question Could it be used ann AMD processor than the Intel processor?.

  • kiiiiiiiiiiii12

    "If you have a spindle, go get lunch" - BBT

  • Kev Carp

    I like the way you Guys don't consider your way is the right way and you ask for suggestions on better methods to get the same end result, This is my top mining related sub :)

  • Saqib Shamim

    Awesome Job... Well done !!!!

  • Tomori Nuel

    Wow, you guys are all in step by step.Good video sir. BUT what if i have free electricity... what card would you recommend?

  • Andrius Daujotas

    Thx for very informative video, but I have question, what about windows license do you have to buy license for each mining rig?

  • Lauren Ennis

    That would be great. Because my rig is up and running and I have no idea what's happing in the backend. It's hashing now but I have no idea who is making money.

  • kinetixx pro

    love your channel bro,keep it good work,im having problem with my 6th GPU showing in hidden devices with error code 45,mb is asus z270 prime -a ,pls help :D

  • GamingBacon97 build Damn that echo

  • UfosAndAliensAreReal

    i thought it was my note 8 i dropped it 40 plus times

  • Cashel Gaming

    Like the video. Laughed when the off camera guy said I'll do one better. Instead of making the zoom camera bigger he switched scenes and killed the audio while you explained in depth the mobo pins for power switch.

  • daddy goodstick

    who edited this thing...thanks...but review it before you publish...bud still good work

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