MSI Vs. ASUS: GTX 1060 Comparison

In this video I compare the ASUS DUAL GTX 1060 to the MSI GAMING X GTX 1060. Hope this video helped you in any way!

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MSI Gaming X:

  • Merouane Rahmoun

    I got msi aero itx gtx 1060 oc is it better ?

  • Anthony.

    1:17 but can i stil use that slot for a monitor?

  • Hamada Hosny

    hey pls reply about this fast: I'm going to buy GTX 1060 6GB as a part of a gaming pc i'm currently building... but now my budget is restricted to only MSI or GIGABYTE, which one should i buy ???I need the one for higher FPS even it will be just 1 and less temperature because you know high temperature affects FPS :) please don't forget to reply me as fast as you can :)

  • samgzag11

    Can both the hdmi ports in the asus card be used for monitor output, or is one dedicated to just vr?

  • plamen jekov

    there are other bloggers who remove fan and cooling panels of cards and look parts used to build those cards!! this is more important- the quality of parts!! not wich card is 3 degree hotter or a little bit noisy !! because after caouple of months some cards start to cause troubles coz using cheap cinesse parts especialy on power supply lines !!

  • Luke De G

    Can someone tell me if there is any difference in performance between these two?

  • Adam Hedqvist

    which one do u prefer? is there any diffrent without the cooling and that the msi card is quiter?

  • musicallica7

    Hi..Asus 1060 3gb dual oc or msi 1060 3gb ocv2 editionPlease suggest performance wise or any kind of geeky info to clear my doubts... :)

  • Scurrring

    thx allot i will go for msi :)

  • Suicide Boy

    you should use the ROG to test with MAIl's Gaming GPU.

  • Houzayfa Nahas

    why dont u revive your team mates, what a jerk

  • Jaws Xensroid

    Bodohnya, tengok harga pun tahu sudah siapa menang

  • YMCMBLC **

    Hell no , mine never gets that noisy but its 1070 same OC and white with pipes. Temps are fine anyways just know whats safe

  • Badreddine Kells

    2:03 what game is this ?

  • Nick Star

    The msi card should be slight all the time...I have the msi 1060 6gb one and the fan will only turn on for couple minutes on very low speed can't even hear it and card temps never go only 58oc

  • Just Ian

    I want to see the MSI vs Galax

  • Alex

    My Gt220 -> 105 Celsius(Thats the max value for msi afterburner xD

  • Dimas Casidi

    bro ASUS or MSI i have big budget (1060)

  • misterx zxc

    I have a question can I install a MSI gigabyte gtx1080ti in an Asus motherboard I have the x99deluxe 2 u3.1 or I must get the same manufacturer nvidea gpu for my motherboard please reply

  • Al Catraz

    By now, people probably realize that the best 1060 option is the cheapest twin fan version they can find. By all accounts, and from own experience, there's no significant fps difference between the various cards when overclocked - certainly not enough to spend inordinate extra cash for. I chose the DUAL which, at the time, was about $75 less than the Strix. It's overclocked to 1985MHz without voltage boosting, runs virtually silently, and the temperature data is academic as these cards don't run hot. Appearance isn't a factor for me. The DUAL looks fine but, once a card in the case, who knows or cares what it looks like? - You do? Oh, Ok :)

  • ItsVenom

    I go with the Msi 1060!

  • Justin justintheman

    I'm just looking for which 1060 looks the best

  • Kavish

    which is more preferable to buy the msi gaming x 1060 or the msi oc v2 1060?

  • Dima Dokuchaev

    Do you speak по английский?)))

  • iramike

    the asus card dual oc is so noisy ? or just the normal for video cards becasuse i want to buy them

  • Then he got an idea an awful idea

    My asus card doesn't have a high pitcher sound

  • Yiğit Alp Karakaş

    Please make Gigabyte too.

  • Stearix ́

    My ASUS 1060 just getting 61 Celsius After 3 Hours Gaming.

  • Egor Boyarov

    Шо по инглишу, пасаны


    WTF, I thought GPUs that had fans like that didn’t have high pitched noises. I was trying to get rid of my 1070 because of it. I thought the intake was the cause.

  • 法轮功李洪志大天师麾下右护法兼囼囲蛙研究所副院长——槑窑湾

    Asus sucks. They make terrible laptops, monitors, and graphic cards. MSI is much better.

  • Jonatan OTW

    A thought about the low vs high pitch fan noise. Since the gpu is usually in a enclosed case, would it make sense to go with the card that makes a high pitch noise since that would be more dampened by the case, while a lower pitch would travel through the case more easily?Like that annoying neighbour who plays the electric bass, he's always louder than the one who plays guitar.

  • MrTell

    In idle you cant hear the Asus card because it has the zero fan mode so the fans wont make any noises

  • 3zk1I_

    I think ill buy the Asus one because I have a want to make a black/white setup. Thanks for the comparison!

  • trpigogo

    hey man, do you still have the asus? i have a question really important to me, what is the lowest RPM setting you can set fan in idle? with afterburner just move the slider all the way to the left

  • Arturčiks 29

    Wow im accident but i have i5 3ghz ftx 1050 ti oc 4gb gigabyte 8gb ram ddr2 and 450w!

  • Spencer Fritz

    I prefer msi bit I can’t fit their new Gen cards can’t fit in my air 240 cause they are too tall

  • Marcus Dahlberg

    Im building a pc and would like some ideas can someone help me

  • LegendJim

    I would like you to be a bit louder.

  • q8_vip2

    i`m not overclocker and my games is medium not heavyasus gtx 1060 6gb dual fan as you show i havesilent mode while playing almost 50 to 65 temperature also silent mode browses and youtubes 29 to 35 temperaturevery rare i set gaming mode i see no reason use oc modeas you said msi is better i feel its legend I still boast that I have asusi`ll try msi next Next purchase if i need ( waiting 1070ti ) with monitor 144hzthx for this kind video i know how to get better nowLooking for more heat pipes <3

  • Waqar Ahmed

    i have Hp 8200 MT, 320psu , i5 2400, 8hb ram , 320gb hdd, 120gb ssd samsung and gigabyte gtx 750 1gb . i recently upgraded my gpu from 750 to gtx 1050 2gb msi aero itx is it worth upgrading? is it future proof for 1600 x 1200 at med to high settings for atleast 2/3 yrs ?

  • Mastrhix

    What are you wanting to build? A gaming machine?

  • Mason M

    just bought a rig for 350$ i5-750016GB RAM "DDR4" 2 TB HD 500W PSUand low and behold i poped it open and there was the MSI GTX 1060 6GB...i'm in love its defiently the most desired one ive seen it on ebay go for almost 500$ recently were all the other brands you can get for like 185-220

  • Jean Pierre

    Which ones would be better for me? This ASUS card or the MSI (NON X GAMING version).

  • funny PFFF

    So whats better msi or dual?

  • Mr. Reese

    This is a weird comparison, especially with the fans. The MSI card has by far the best cooling system of any 1060 card and the ASUS DUAL one is crap and the fans are really annoying when on load. The ASUS card feels cheap in every way and if the MSI card wasn't so damn expensive it would be a no-brainer.

  • datway

    I got a Msi in my gaming PC! It came with a asus but it broke so I returned it the next day and the new one had a MSI and it looks wavy beautiful

  • md shohel019210

    Amazing video. The best Monitor under lowest budget. For more details click on the link.

  • TechGuy77

    Yeah sorry, what a horrible comparison. You didn't have those under a gaming load, you falsely used a program like MSI Afterburner to ramp the fans up to 100%. Note I have the Asus one and even under a load it rarely goes over 50% fan speed and never sounds like your comparison. I ramped mine up to 100% and it sounded like yours. Next time try a real comparison bud. I have 20 years experience as an IT Admin and its pretty hard to fool me. Another note you can add a backplate to any GPU that does not have one if that is your thing but its only for looks and has nothing to do with performance or cooling (this has been noted in several benchmark test, I think Linus did one) Other than that nice video, keep it up! These were the 2 cards I debated between when I made my purchase due to availability and pricing at the time (January 2018).

  • skyballer45

    my fucking 1060 6 gig sound like a jet engine at night

  • Anıl AKBAŞ

    İn my country msi costs like 85 dollars more it isnt worth it right

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